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Social Media For Veterinarian

The impact of social media on veterinary medicine is clear to see. More and more veterinary doctors are taking to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among other social media, to present their veterinary practices to a wider audience.

A past study had found that only about 50% of veterinarians viewed social media as a marketing opportunity.  According to recent data, about 77% of veterinarians only had a website, 43% used Facebook, and only about 4% used Twitter or ran a blog.  The data also shows that 76% of veterinarians either did not know about social media at all or only know at all or only know very little.

The issue with this approach is that these social media platforms are important, and a social media presence is critical in more ways than one. Veterinary clinics and veterinary professionals must adapt to technology to improve their operations and attract potential clients.

We know that social media has become a lot more prevalent among veterinarians. Many veterinarian doctors are beginning to realize the impact of social media in driving new clients to a veterinary practice. Despite the recent progress, not all veterinarians are fully aware of the importance of social media. Some do not know how to leverage this media to their benefit fully.

Here is what you need to know about the value of social posts on social platforms and how a practice manager can implement cost-effective campaigns and social media practices by working with the right partner. If you are looking for metrics like the number of followers engaged and seek to encourage clients and your local community to work with you to take care of their wonderful pets, reach out to us at the Veterinary Marketing Team today.